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The other day…..
Teacher: ok everyone lets play Jeopardy before the quiz! Everyone form into two groups and make up a team name!

*le group doesn’t come up with a team name*

Teacher: so what is your guy’s team name?

Biggest Directionater I know: the One Directioners!
Dear Mr X

Are you just a belieber trying to distract us from voting?

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Hey Mr X!! This is for you!! send me a message, cause i dont give a fuck about what you say to me!!

Plot twist: Mr X is really Nevel Papperman.

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Who is this Mr. X person?!



Apparently, Mr X is someone related to 1D and has been saying that Danielle is preggers, and says that there’s gonna be a “storm.”

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anyone wanna ask me questions to get my mind off this whole thing?

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seriously i’m freaking out…

I know I shouldnt be freaking out about this, but i can’t help it. i know nothing bad is going to happen, but i’m getting anxious. i’m a fangirl, so i don’t do “keep calm.” I’m scared he/she is gonna hurt my boys, or this fandom. We’ve been fighting too much, about larry and elounor. about the wanted. about anything. We’ve been fighting other fandoms for god sake!!! can’t this fandom get one moment of peace??

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Guys!! i feel as if this “mr x.” is just one big group of beliebers trying to fuck up our minds and make us forget about the people’s choice awards!!!! now, i suggest to take a little break from this fandom meltdown and vote for the boys!!! They’re nominated for 3. fucking. awards. And us directioners are also up for one!!! so give your beautiful directioner brains a little rest and vote!! maybe this mr. x is actually related to our boys, but until he/she posts the real news, just give one more fuck about it. we are family, and we stick together through tough times, and today is a great example. come on guys, vote!! love you all!! xoxoxoxoxo

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Who da fuq is this “mr x.?” What da fuq is the “Larry storm?” Is Danielle preggers?